General Information

The Pepper plants are persistent timbered creeper and it belongs to the Piperaceae family. The high use of this spice all around the globe has made it the head of all spices. The cultivation of pepper is extremely high in the Asian Region. Since it’s a creeper, it needs to be supported by trees in order for it to grow steadily. What is being used as a spice is, he dried fruit of this tree which looks dark red at its maturity. This is the most expensive and finest product of the Pepper tree.

Pepper can be categorized into three types as Black Pepper which is regular dried unripe fruit, Green Pepper and White Pepper. It is analyzed that on forth of the world’s spice consumption belongs to Pepper and it is the third most used spice that’s being added to flavor food.


The use of Pepper has been there mostly in Asia, Mexico and Spain for an indescribable longer period. The hot, spicy ingredient is mainly used in food flavoring and as well as in perfumery and pharmaceutical industries as well. It also works as a cancer fighting properties.